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The purpose of the Legal Committee is to support the work of OCIMF.

The committee recommends the positions that OCIMF should adopt on relevant issues that are before, not only the IMO, but also the European Union and national governments, and provides special representation at IMO and governmental meetings to assist the Secretariat as necessary. It is responsible for reviewing subjects dealt with by the IMO Legal Committee and the IOPC Fund and its assemblies - including when requested, assisting in the preparation of OCIMF position papers.

The Committee also provides OCIMF with general and specific legal advice on a wide range of pollution and safety issues as well as working with other industry associations on similar issues. The Legal Committee also reviews all OCIMF publications, with respect to legal issues, prior to publication.

It is important to note that neither OCIMF nor the Committee is involved in any way with the commercial activities of the OCIMF membership.