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The purpose of the Offshore Marine Committee is to support the OCIMF vision and work to improve safety and environmental issues in offshore theatres which member have an interest.

Membership is made up of senior representatives of OCIMF members who have expertise in offshore marine activities of all types ranging from drilling and floating production facilities through to offshore loading terminals.

Reporting to the OMC are three sub-groups, represented by:

  • OVID Focus Group (OFG), concentrating on OVID issues and accreditation of inspectors.
  • Floating System Group (FSG) open to non-members, operators and contractors involved in F(P)SO design, installation and construction together with member reps with experience in same.
  • Offshore Maritime Operations Group (OMOG) similar in make up to the FSG but focussing on offshore vessel operational safety.

Information flows between the groups and many issues raised lead to the formation of task forces of specialists to develop guidelines and information papers for the benefit of the wider maritime and particularly the offshore industry. The Offshore Marine Committee meets twice a year with meetings held in various locations world-wide.