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A specialized agency of the United Nations with 171 Member States and three Associate Members, IMO is based in the United Kingdom with around 300 international staff.

IMO's specialized committees and sub-committees are the focus for the technical work to update existing legislation or develop and adopt new regulations, with meetings attended by maritime experts from Member Governments, together with those from interested intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

The result is a comprehensive body of international conventions, supported by hundreds of recommendations governing every facet of shipping.

IMO plays a key role in ensuring that lives at sea are not put at risk and that the marine environment is not polluted by shipping - as summed up in IMO's mission statement: Safe, Secure and Efficient Shipping on Clean Oceans.






Previous OCIMF Chairman (Jan Kopernicki) at the IMO Reception during the 100th Session of Council where the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the UK Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly and IMO Secretary General Efthimious Mitropoulos were in attendance.