A Data User account is available free of charge to any person(s) who has a requirement to view a terminal’s details in order to process ship-to-shore compatibility matching.

MTIS Data Users are OCIMF members and third parties such as shipping agents, shipping companies, charterers, vetting departments and port authorities who require access to view a terminal’s MTPQ and MTMSA information. Permissions to access this information will be set/granted by the terminal operator.

Data Users account features

Through your Data Users account, you will have the ability to:

  • Review/request access to a terminal’s details through the MTPQ. 
  • Add users to your MTIS account and set Roles & Permissions.

The full features of a Data User account will be dependent on the Role and Permissions set. For further details on Roles and Permissions, visit the MTIS Help Centre.

The benefits of a Data User account

With the purpose of continuously improving terminal safety and performance, OCIMF’s trusted, neutral and fully independent status within the global industry is at the heart of its ability to capture and share information and best practice.

Through the support offered by MTIS and a willingness to exchange terminal information, MTIS users can expect to benefit from:

  • Simpler, faster collection of terminal information through a single central database that relevant parties can access.
  • Enhanced understanding of a terminal’s capabilities through the MTPQ.
  • Improved operational efficiency through quicker and more accurate matching of terminals and ships.
  • Improved safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental standards leading to fewer incidents.

Register your Data User Account