OCIMF has developed the MTIS system with the aim of filling the gaps that exist in the international standards for terminals

The MTIS Goal

Developed with the aim of filling the gaps that exist in the international standards for terminals, the goal of MTIS is to ensure that all terminals worldwide reach a common high standard of safety and environmental protection.

Global Integration

With the objective to compile a comprehensive database of relevant information for all of the world’s 4,000+ terminals – from the hardware available, to berth measurements and transfer rates – MTIS will complement similar work already being done by OCIMF and its members to improve ship safety and environmental protection.

The MTIS database will provide terminal and vessel operators, along with charters and associated services, with a single, central storage of terminal specifics in a consistent format.

The successful global coverage of MTIS will provide the opportunity to establish a terminal identification number, similar to the IMO number adopted by the shipping industry, thereby providing the opportunity and ability for companies to integrate personal terminal management systems with MTIS to improve compatibility and safety protection levels.

Standard, Consistent Terminal Information

MTIS offers a consolidated safety system, embracing the physical properties of the terminal, management systems and operator training.

Developed to collect terminal information in a common format using consistent units of measurement, schedulers and operators will be able to better assess the compatibility of ships and terminals, and ensure safe operation and environmental protection.

Through MTIS, a range of terminal management documents are available to assist operators in ongoing review and improvements efforts, including:

Free Information Sharing Platform 

With the shared aim of improving marine safety, MTIS is a free service for both Terminal Operators and terminal users - known in MTIS as Data Users. Both types of user are invited to register through the MTIS website and begin freely sharing ship-to-shore compatibility data.

To ensure user-friendliness, MTIS has been developed as part of OCIMF’s marine management systems portfolio, and has the same look, feel and features as popular and widely used tools, such as TMSA and SIRE. Members can also be confident that security is, as ever, at the heart of software development and their information will only be shared in the ways they have specified.

Further information about MTIS and answers to commonly asked questions can be found in the MTIS Help Centre.

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