The MTIS Tools have been designed to fill the gaps that exist in the international standards for terminals, and put in place an accepted format of information collecting and sharing.

The three core elements at the center of MTIS: MTPQ, MTMSA and the MTOCT, have been constructed to capture a complete overview of a terminal’s details in a consistent format. This approach will not only help improve safety aspects of ship-to-shore matching, but also help to improve operational efficiency through applying an improved and accepted global standard for information sharing.

The tools can also act as best practice guides to assist terminal operators with their terminal management and improvement practices.

Further details on each of the MTIS tools can be found below:

Marine Terminal Information System (MTIS)
icon MTPQ

Marine Terminal Particulars Questionnaire

Marine Terminal Particulars Questionnaire (MTPQ) captures all relevant terminal information, making it easier and simpler for vessel programmers, schedulers and terminal operators to share information and assess the suitability of the ship/shore interface.

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icon MTMSA

Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment

Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment (MTMSA) is a best practice guide aimed at helping marine terminal operators assess and continuously improve their safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental performance.

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icon MTOCT

Marine Terminal Operator Competency and Training

Marine Terminal Operator Competence and Training (MTOCT) is a guide aimed at helping marine terminal management assess competencies, identify gaps and develop appropriate training of their terminal operators.

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Through these three tools, (MTPQ, MTMSA and MTOCT) OCIMF is bringing together and sharing vital information and best practice from its oil company members and other parties involved in marine terminal operations, to provide safety-critical data and guidance aimed at improving operational safety, reliability, efficiency and environmental protection.

A dedicated Marine Terminal Focus Group has been established within OCIMF to regularly review MTIS and identify ways it can be continuously improved – including responding to user feedback.