The Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment (MTMSA) provides best practice and key performance indicators against which terminal operators can assess the effectiveness of their management systems for berth operations and the ship-to-shore interface.

OCIMF members have found the Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) guide a practical and valuable tool for driving up safety standards and encouraging continuous improvement across their operations – with over 90% of tanker operators implementing the TMSA into their vessel management practices, including all of the oil majors.

In light of this approach, OCIMF has revised, updated and improved its existing Marine Terminal Baseline Criteria publication to make it consistent with the TMSA format. First published in September 2012, the new publication has been called the Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment (MTMSA).

In particular, the assessment process helps terminal operators to:

  • Identify gaps.
  • Plan future improvement.
  • Build a sustainable business for the longer-term.

With a self-assessment culture at the heart of OCIMF’s approach, members can use the MTMSA guide to develop their own internal review practices, using the internal review results to continuously improve their safety and environmental performance and to identify and share best practice around their terminal network.

Members can also submit their assessment report to OCIMF’s terminal database in a bid to increase their terminals information sharing reach and efficiency. With information security continuing to be of main concern for OCIMF, members will have full say in how widely their information should be shared.

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The guide is available online at no cost to registered MTIS users.