The Marine Terminal Operator Competence and Training (MTOCT) guide helps marine terminal managers ensure the people operating the ship/shore interface have all the necessary skills and experience.

The MTOCT guide aims to help identify key competences and knowledge requirements for particular roles, together with appropriate verification processes, enabling Terminal managers to successfully assess each member of staff against this best practice, identify any gaps and commission their own cost-effective, targeted operator training programmes.

With the aim of ensuring that personnel working on the ship/shore interface have the required skills and competence, OCIMF have spent three years reviewing and updating OCIMF Marine Terminal Training and Competence Assessment Guidelines. The Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO), suggested Competence Standards, used to create the MTOCT manual and database. This now allows a terminal operator to install the MTOCT database and fully customise it to meet their own requirements.

Although not a training organisation, this development offers a good example of how OCIMF is able to successfully bring together and share best practice from its members and further afield, to provide guidance on personnel training, in turn improving safety and environmental protection standards worldwide.

MTOCT also includes advice on maintaining training records and verifying that the training programme is achieving its goals.

The MTOCT guide is available in hard copy, and also includes a customisable CD-ROM.

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