As the backbone to MTIS, the Marine Terminal Particulars Questionnaire (MTPQ) assists in the collation of a global database for the world’s 4,000+ terminals – from the hardware available, to berth measurements and transfer rates.

This collection of accurate and comprehensive terminal information is essential to:

  • Ensure the compatibility of ships and terminals.
  • Enhance operational efficiency and reliability.
  • Prevent incidents that may harm people or the environment.

The MTPQ was developed to collect all crucial terminal information in a common format using consistent units of measurement.

MTPQ Key Questions

To support in the collection of this terminal information, MTIS has identified a series of Key Questions: a key set of core minimum questions, which will support successful ship-to-shore matching. The MTPQ Population Tool will support terminal operators in completing the MTPQ Key Questions when a terminal is added to their operator account.

Completion and sharing of a terminal’s  MTPQ offers potential  benefits to both Terminal Operators and Data Users, including:

Benefits to Terminal Operators

Through the MTPQ database, Terminal operators are able to forward their information in a suitable format, to a variety of requesters.

In addition to this accepted format of information, terminals have the option attach their own information to the MTPQ system, to make it generally available.

This approach will help in reducing the number of ad hoc requests for information requiring a response.

Benefits to Data Users

By comparing the information generated by the MTPQ with SIRE vessel data, vessel programmers and schedulers will be able to quickly and easily assess the compatibility of ships and terminals and ensure safe operation and environmental protection.

As MTIS provides a single central database of relevant terminal information, readily accessed online, operational efficiency is improved, through a reduced need for ship captains and terminal managers to spend time requesting and responding to information requests.

Free to implement for terminal operators and a free form of information for terminal users, the MTPQ was launched October 2011 and is being completed by more and more terminals each week.

Join MTIS to take advantage of the benefits of MTPQ managed information.