The below details our policy on false, incorrect or misleading terminal information and the process in place for reporting information believed to be false:

We take the integrity of the terminal information provided through MTIS very seriously.

In a bid for the terminal data contained within MTIS to remain fully under the control of each Terminal Operator, the information held within MTIS is self-maintained and regulated by each Terminal Operator themselves. We operate an element of trust that the data provided is correct and will be maintained and updated as and when required.

However, should you believe that a piece of information gained through MTIS is false, incorrect or misleading, we ask that you report this back to the OCIMF administration team, who will liaise with the relevant Terminal Operator to request that the information in question is reviewed and amended where required.

How to report potentially false information

The option to report information believed to be incorrect, and the details we will require to look into the matter, is available to access from within a signed-in MTIS account.