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The European Barge Inspection Scheme (EBIS) is being transitioned into the Oil Companies International Marine Forum’s (OCIMF) Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) programme. Work to ensure the smooth transition has been progressing at pace, with the full integration of EBIS into SIRE on track to be completed by the 1 January 2021 deadline.

The vast majority of EBIS members are now engaged in the SIRE programme, with a small number currently completing the registration process. A significant proportion of EBIS accredited inspectors are already SIRE Cat 3 accredited, undergoing accreditation or engaged in a transition course, with almost all EBIS inspectors expected to be SIRE Cat 3 accredited by the new year.

From a systems standpoint, integration of the EBIS9 (questionnaire and vessel technical information) has now been integrated into SIRE and will be available in English, Dutch, French and German languages. The EBIS crew matrix templates have also been successfully transferred into SIRE, and beta testing of the end-to-end IT process is currently underway, to be completed by the end of this month. Support for transitioning the IT systems is available to all members through the OCIMF-EBIS Transition Taskforce. 

As the coming weeks will be critical in finalising the integration process and ensuring the continued smooth transition is completed by 1 January 2021, the OCIMF-EBIS Transition Taskforce encourages all members, programme users, vessel owners and operators and inspectors to read the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document which provides additional guidance. Further communication will be provided by the end of the month, including a Transition Checklist and a Webinar.

Should you have any queries, please contact Matthew Graham and Robert Brook