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In order to create a single barge inspection scheme within Europe, the European Barge Inspection Scheme (EBIS) is being transitioned into the Oil Companies International Marine Forum’s (OCIMF) Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) programme.

With 1 month to go until the 1 January 2021 transition deadline the checklist below aims to help make sure that members, submitting companies, programme recipients and inspectors are ready:


In a Webinar last week the SIRE/EBIS Transition Taskforce provided an update on the transition and as well as practical guidance to Submitting Companies, Programme Recipients, Accredited Inspectors and Vessel Operators to ensure all requirements for the transition have been completed before the 1 January 2021 transition deadline.

Please click the link below to watch the webinar:

OCIMF - Oil Companies International Marine Forum - SIRE/EBIS Transition Webinar