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Director's Log

Last month I said that the new OCIMF strategy was approved. Part of the strategy is to reach out to the members we haven’t been well engaged with.

I had this in mind when I was invited by MMS (Petronas), Pertamina and Medco Energy to visit with them this month. I want to thank all three companies for the warm welcomes I received, their kind hospitality and the open discussions which were well attended. All our members have value to add to our organisation through their unique experiences and we have to find ways to capture that in an efficient way. More to follow on member engagement in future issues of the newsletter.

I attended the China Maritime Forum including the International Forum on Ship Technology and Safety in Ningbo where I updated delegates on hot topics for OCIMF and our industry. Human Factors was a key theme throughout the forum, and it was encouraging to hear all speakers talk about collaboration in this area. This months’ newsletter includes reports from the International Forum on Ship Technology and Safety, the OCMIF China Focus Group and the Terminal Operators Safety Workshop.

You will all be aware of the security escalation in relation to the Straits of Hormuz. Industry organisations are working together to ensure members are kept updated while we continue to work with various flag states and governmental bodies to improve safety of traffic through the straits.

Last, but not least, I want to draw your attention to the article below related to the launch of the joint INTERTANKO/OCIMF accident database in Athens. While the database is still to be rolled out, the news was well received by members of both organisations.

I wish you a safe, healthy, happy August.

Rob Drysdale
Director OCIMF

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International Forum on Ship Technology and the Safety and the China Oil Transportation Safety Forum

The annual International Forum on Ship Technology and the Safety and the China Oil Transportation Safety Forum were held on 11 and 12 July in Ningbo, China.

Around 270 interested parties in the global marine industry attended. This year the focus was on creating a safer and more environmentally sustainable global shipping industry. Including the wider introduction and integration of management best practices and artificial intelligence. Speakers addressed issues and potential issues with the imminent changes from 2020 through to 2050 including:

  • Fuels.
  • Lubrication.
  • Training and accreditation.
  • Use of artificial intelligence.
  • Development of regulatory compliance mechanisms.

OCIMF’s Director, Rob Drysdale, and Technical Advisor (Barges), Matthew Graham attended. Rob Drysdale introduced OCIMF to the non-tanker, wider audience and gave an update on industry activities being addressed by OCIMF to improve safety and environmental performance. He also joined the interactive panel.

China Marine Terminal Operators Safety Management Workshop

The China Focus Group (CFG) hosted a China Marine Terminal Operators Safety Management Workshop on 10 July 2019 at the Wyndham Hotel in Ningbo, China.

The CFG Chair, Captain Fuming Luo, gave an opening speech while the OCIMF Director, Rob Drysdale, introduced OCIMF. Around 70 people attended included marine terminal operators and other associated interested parties involved with the safety, design, construction and operation of marine terminals for oil, chemical and gas cargoes.

Invited speakers included:

  • Mr. Lu Juncheng, General Manager of Petrochemical Terminal Operations in the Port of Ningbo/Zhoushan, , who spoke on the terminal safety and operations at the oil / chemical terminals in the port.
  • Mr. Wang Linghua, DGM of Ningbo Zinrun Petrochemical Terminal who spoke on Job Risk Management based on Jetty Operator’s JSA.
  • Captain Zhang Haifeng, Transport Management Manager at Sinochem Liaoning Corporation who spoke on Industry Best Practices – Introduction to tanker online process and safety management.

Other presentations and discussions were led by the membership from OCIMF’s CFG on topics that included OCIMF’s Marine Terminal Information System (MTIS), the application of Marine Terminal Management Self Assessment (MTMSA), application of process safety, the ideal Terminal Information Booklet (TIB), improving the integrated Terminal Operations Manual (TOM) and site safety management with an analysis of key issues from the ship / shore joint inspections.

Break out discussion groups were formed to share thoughts and understanding on specific issues that could have a detrimental effect on safety and environmental protection at marine terminals. Each group reported their points to the wider audience where further discussions took place.

The workshop closed with an active question and answer session followed by closing remarks from the CFG Chair, the Director and the Technical Advisor (Barges).

Learning Lessons, Accidents, Statistics and Trends (LLAST) Database

Senior Technical Adviser Dave Wall and Technical Adviser (Engineering) Ricardo Martinez represented OCIMF at the OCIMF/INTERTANKO joint workshop on the LLAST Database and Competency Scheme on 26 June in Athens.

This joint workshop highlighted the past year’s joint safety initiative which has focused on human factors, behavioural safety and learning from incidents. This initiative has already produced two information papers– Behavioural Competency Assessment and Verification for Vessel Operators and Sharing Lessons Learned from Incidents both released last year.

The Learning Lessons, Accidents, Statistics and Trends (LLAST) database is a continuation of that initiative. The database provides an anonymous reporting tool for use by vessel owners and technical managers to document measurable accident data. The aim is to collate anonymous tanker accident details which, over time, will allow for root cause analysis of tanker accidents, preventing the occurrence of repeat accidents and leading to further advances in maritime best practice and safety. The launch included a presentation on the background and a live software demonstration from the software developers.

To register your interest in the database please click the Register Interest button on the link:

The launch was followed by presentations highlighting progress of The Behavioural Competency Assessment and Verification (BCAV) system. This system is meant to assist company efforts for assessing competency in seafarers as behaviour and attitude are key elements of a positive safety culture. The presentations featured speakers from Safe Marine, d'Amico Societá di Navigazione SpA and the Angelicoussis Group on considerations in and lessons from on the implementation process.

For more information contact:

Dave Wall, Senior Technical Advisor, at

Ricardo Martinez, Technical Adviser (Engineering), at

Click here to register your interest

China Focus Group

28th meeting: 9 July, Ningbo, China (hosted by OCIMF)

Topics discussed at the meeting included:

  • Shared update and developments in OCIMF since last meeting.
  • Briefed group on barge work being undertaken in OCIMF.
  • Discussed IMO issues of interest to CFG members.
  • Discussed OCIMF publications to be translated.

Next meeting: November 2019, Shanghai, China (hosted by OCIMF).

Registration for OCIMF’s South and Central America Regional Marine Forum is now open!

OCIMF will be holding their third South and Central America Regional Marine Forum on 1 October in Cartgena, Colombia.

The agenda is being worked on and speakers will be announced when they have been confirmed.

Event details

Date: OCIMF South and Central America Regional Marine Forum, Tuesday 1 October 2019

Venue: ESTELAR Cartagena de Indias Hotel & Convention Centre Carrera 1 Calle 12 Esquina Bocagrande Cartagena Colombia

Register for the South and Central America Regional Marine Forum

Europe Inland and Coastal Barge Focus Group (EICBFG)

7th meeting: 13-14 June, London, UK (hosted by OCIMF)

Topics discussed at the meeting included:

  • Reviewed health of the SIRE CAT 3 inspection programme for Europe.
  • VIP project scope shared.
  • Update shared on publishing a new ISGINTT.
  • Discussed development of sharing information with the inland barge industry.

Next meeting: 9-10 December 2019, London, UK (hosted by OCIMF)

OVID user group

Please be advised that the 19th OVID User Group meeting will take place in Bergen on 17 September from 08:30 to 13:30.

The OVID User Group gives users of the OVID programme an opportunity to provide comments and feedback on the programme and on where improvements might be considered. It also allows the OCIMF Secretariat to give advanced notice of and discuss changes to the OVID programme.

Issues discussed and raised by the OVID User Group will be reported to the OVID Focus Group for review and reporting to the Offshore Marine Committee.

Due to space restrictions, we may need to limit the number of places for each organisation in attendance. Places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Reserve your place at the OVID User Group meeting

Establishment of the role of Technical Adviser (Regulatory Affairs)

We are pleased to announce that the Executive Committee has agreed that the role of Technical Adviser (Regulatory Affairs), which is currently held by Motonobu Tsuchiya, is established as ongoing within the Secretariat.

This decision ensures that through this dedicated role Motonobu Tsuchiya can continue to support the Deputy Director and Chief Representative to IMO on the delivery of the OCIMF strategy on the IMO and other regulatory bodies by closely monitoring regulatory activities and coordinating OCIMF members’ engagement and participation.