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Director's Log

Regular readers of our newsletter will know we are implementing our refreshed strategy. Part of the strategy requires us to roll-out a new committee structure and we have been working very hard on this during July. Four webinars were held during the month to explain how the new structure will work and how it will benefit members.

These webinars were attended by over 80 of our 110 member companies and feedback is that they were well received and the aims understood by the vast majority of those attending (if you missed . We are now asking members to nominate representatives to these new committees and expert groups and you can read more on this subject in the separate article within this newsletter. We are hoping to attract as many nominations as possible before 17th August so that we have confidence to roll out the new structure in September – however, there is no closing date for nominations and we will continue to accept them when members are able to submit names.

I would like to draw your attention to another article on the OCIMF Environment Plan. We have completed the member consultation on the environment including survey and interviews to capture what issues are important to our members and how they think our organisation should address these issues. We are currently developing a white paper based on the findings to be followed by a workshop to develop the full plan. The Environment Plan will outline important areas for OCIMF to address now and in the near future. I encourage all our members to join the virtual workshop on the 2-3 September (details on how to register below).

OCIMF have been collaborating closely with other industry associations, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and the Nigerian Navy via a joint industry working group to address the maritime security issues in the Gulf of Guinea. NIMASA are making great progress in building assets as part of the Deep Blue project and the Nigerian Navy are currently conducting an extensive exercise along the Niger Delta coast.

We continue our work on the potential of remote inspections during Covid-19. The Task Force conducted more than 20 individual webinars for inspectors, members and vessel operators and are following up with others. We are currently conducting remote inspection trials and should finish these very early August before making a decision on going live with the programme. We will release bulletins as and when the decision is made.

I wish you a happy and safe August.

Rob Drysdale
Director OCIMF

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Webinar: Introducing OCIMF's New Committee Structure

If you missed out on our strategy webinars you can watch here.

Information paper withdrawn – Guidelines for the Control of Drug and Alcohol Onboard Ship

On 2 July 2020, OCIMF withdrew the information paper Guidelines for the Control of Drug and Alcohol Onboard Ship due to clerical errors in the text.

This publication is no longer available for download from the OCIMF website.

Please delete your copy of this information paper that was circulated on 25 June.

For enquiries, contact Dave Wall, OCIMF Publications & Advocacy Director

Calls for nominations for OCIMF committees and expert group – now open

In line with its refreshed Strategy, OCIMF is proposing to restructure its committees in order to focus on areas of greatest risk to members.

For all OCIMF members, the restructuring will result in a wider range of opportunities to engage and participate in the development of programmes, publications, advocacy and membership collaboration in a way that suits individual company needs, resources and availability. This includes the option to participate in Principal Committees, Functional Committees, Expert Groups, Working Groups or Communities of Practice (CoP), with options to join meetings remotely and collaborate using online platforms. In short, it will be easier for members to contribute their expertise which is critical to our shared efforts to reduce risk across our industry.

Calls for nominations for Committees and Expert Groups are now open. Please send all nominations to as soon as possible. If you require more time to provide the Bios/CVs for your nominations, please send in the names of the nominees by 17 August and give an indication of when you will be able to send in the Bios/CVs.

Contact if you require a simple biography template that may be useful when you are collating the evidence relating to the experience of those people being nominated.

When considering your nominations for the new OCIMF Committees and Expert Groups, you may find the following documents useful:

The first meetings of all the Functional Committees and Principal Committees are planned for September and October 2020, respectively.

Navigation and Routeing Sub-committee

58th meeting: June 2020, virtual meeting (OCIMF)

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the Navigation and Routeing Sub-committee (NaRSuC) progressed various action items and projects.

The following information papers will be published in Q3:

  • Recommendations on the Proactive Use of Voyage Date Recorder Information, 2nd edition.
  • Recommendations on Usage of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and Preventing Incidents, 1st edition.

NaRSuC also conducted an interim SWOT Analysis on Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) as per direction of the 90th meeting of the General Purposes Committee (GPC 90). There will be a wider engagement with other sub-committees and stakeholders to progress this interim analysis before presenting to the GPC again.

NaRSuC completed drafting Guidelines for Transiting Turkish Straits, 2nd edition, with a target publishing date in Q4.

Some NaRSuC members were involved in identifying key tanker-related risks and opportunities to develop bow ties for OCIMF in the first half of this year.

OCIMF acknowledges the valuable contribution made by member representatives over the years and thanks those involved in NaRSuC as it transitions to the new committee structure in Q4.

OCIMF conducts Blue Ribbon Review of upcoming PIANC recommendation

The Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses (PIANC) has been revising their PIANC MarCom WG 200 Recommendations for the Design and Assessment of Marine Single Point Mooring (SPM) or Multi-Point Mooring (MPM) Facilities and OCIMF has been asked to review and comment before its release.

Marine Structures and Civil Engineering members regularly participate in PIANC and other industry working groups to provide operational, inspection and maintenance experience from the oil and gas sector, particularly when external guidance could potentially affect the sector, members’ operations and existing guidance.

OCIMF participation allows:

  • Continuous focus on ensuring oil and gas operational aspects are considered in design documents developed primarily by engineering consultants and vendors to reduce overall risk in members’ operations.
  • Representation by industry to provide experience in the operation of facilities to help calibrate the risk basis for recommendations that affect ongoing operations and the design of new facilities.
  • Contribution by subject matter experts (SMEs) that ensure OCIMF requirements are included, content is aligned, and consistency is maintained across various industry documents.

For enquiries, contact Ricardo Martinez, OCIMF Engineering Adviser

OCIMF completes members survey and consultations to develop plan on marine environment

OCIMF is undertaking a project to develop a paper that sets out its ambition(s) and action plan on the marine environment that is in line with OCIMF Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities.

The plan’s development process consists of three stages: development of a white paper, completion of a stakeholder workshop and delivery of a final plan on the marine environment.

The first stage of developing the white paper consists of three steps including a desktop review, an online survey and complementary stakeholder consultations. OCIMF recently completed the members survey and consultations with excellent participation across the range of membership, which helped to build a more complete view members’ collective voice.

See below for details on how to register for a workshop where the study findings will be presented and discussed with key stakeholders involved in the plan’s development.

For enquiries, contact Ricardo Martinez, OCIMF Engineering Adviser

Register now for OCIMF members' stakeholder workshop on the marine environment

Date: Wednesday 2 September and Thursday 3 September.Time: 1pm-4pm BST

We invite your member company representative to participate in that workshop and we welcome all participation particularly those members that have already participated in the survey and the consultation.

The purpose of this workshop is to present a white paper summarising the findings of a desktop review, an online survey and complementary stakeholder consultations and to discuss development of the plan with key stakeholders. We have scheduled the workshop to allow the maximum global participation and we apologise in advance to those impacted members.

We shall send the meeting invitation, agenda and pre-read ahead of the workshop.

Register here

Nigerian Navy Operations

OCIMF is pleased to note the positive steps being taken by the Nigerian Navy to address sea robbery, piracy, illegal bunkering, illegal refineries and other maritime crime.

Launching Operation DOUBENI II on 26 July, the navy stated it will concentrate its operations on the coastal regions of the Niger Delta hoping to build on the success achieved during Operation Calm Water in 2019 where 31 vessels and 357 persons involved in maritime crime were arrested. The growing piracy problem in Nigeria and the wider Gulf of Guinea is being addressed and a high priority for the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) and the Nigerian Government.

OCIMF is wholeheartedly supporting the NIMASA/Industry Joint Working Group and by making a positive contribution can ensure members interests are addressed. This naval exercise demonstrates what can be done and if it could be sustained for longer would send a clear signal to those who seek to cause harm.

IMO updates

IMO meetings

While the official International Maritime Organization (IMO) meetings are suspended due to COVID-19, the IMO is organising various activities.

Informal preliminary discussion on the reduction of Greenhouse Gas

An unofficial online meeting was held 6-10 July. This informal meeting consisted of a workshop and presentations. Nevertheless, it became apparent that there were two approaches among delegations:

  1. To pursue the target set up by the IMO’s initial strategy plus Paris Agreement.
  2. To build up clear and achievable elements and try to reach high-level ambitions.

Presentation materials can be found on at the following file path: /members/imo.aspx / IMO/Meetings/ISWG-GHG/Virtual (unofficial) meeting (July 2020)/Presentation

The twenty-sixth session of the Sub-Committee on Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR) Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards of Chemicals (ESPH 26)

To undertake a timely review of the tripartite agreement that will expire on 31 December 2020, the IMO decided to organise the meeting via correspondence.

Other IMO activities

The following documents can be found on the OCIMF members’ website:

  • Recommendations for port and coastal States on the prompt disembarkation of seafarers for medical care ashore during the COVID-19 pandemic (Circular Letter No.4204/Add.23), issued by the IMO.
  • Guidance for flag States regarding surveys and renewals of certificates during the COVID-19 pandemic (further updated guidelines released as Circular Letter No.4204/Add.19/Rev.1).

Regional Marine Forums

All Regional Marine Forums (RMFs) have been cancelled in 2020.