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Do OCIMF members have to nominate to all Regional Marine Forums (RMF)? Is the expectation to have separate representatives for each region?

No - Regional Marine Forums have been created to facilitate greater engagement with members in a region without involving international travel. We do not expect members to travel to participate at all of the regional marine forum meetings, although any member may register for any RMF.

It is the prerogative of each member to decide. Some members who are already engaged in various OCIMF activities may choose to be selective about participation and choice may be determined by location and availability of regional resources.

Are you going to limit participant numbers for the Regional Marine Forums?

Some venues have maximum capacity restrictions, and in these cases attendance numbers will be restricted and places allocated on a "first-come-first-served" basis. If you are allocated a place and subsequently find that you cannot attend, please kindly let the Secretariat know so that your space can be allocated to others on the waiting list. The afternoon closed-door session will be restricted to a smaller number.

Attendance will be strictly limited to "Registered Participants" only. This is because meeting arrangements are made in advance and will be based on the number of registrations received. Once you register, OCIMF will be charged regardless of whether you attend or not.

How much will the Regional Marine Forums cost?

Regional Marine Forums are free of charge and attendance will be strictly limited to registered participants only.

How do I register for the Regional Marine Forum?

A link will be provided on the OCIMF website to facilitate the registration process. The Regional Marine Forum calendar will be published well in advance of the event and further notices promulgated through the monthly newsletters and AFMs. Furthermore, nominated RMF representatives will be notified of the event by e-mail and followed up with reminders.

Will OCIMF provide letters of invitation for VISA purposes, or will we have to ask a local OCIMF Member for help?

Yes - OCIMF will continue to assist with letters of invitation for visa purposes. In Dubai, hotels can apply, on your behalf, for a visit visa which is valid for 30 days. For other regions, visa requirements vary with each country and change from time to time. Therefore it is suggested that participants check with their travel sections on the latest requirements in advance of the planned travel.

What is the role of "Regional Champion"?

Regional Champions (RC) will act as the link between the secretariat and the region, and assist the secretariat in facilitation. The RC's will also engage with the region between meetings and act as spokesperson for OCIMF in the regions.

Is there a dress code for Regional Marine Forum meetings?

Yes - Similar to all OCIMF meetings, the dress code for participants is business attire.

Regional Marine Forum Dates

  • North America Regional Marine ForumCANCELLED24 March 2020New Orleans, USA
  • Europe and Africa Regional Marine ForumCANCELLED19 May 2020Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Asia Pacific Regional Marine ForumCANCELLED19 August 2020Jakarta, Indonesia
  • South and Central America Regional Marine ForumCANCELLED6 October 2020Cartagena, Colombia
  • Middle East Regional Marine ForumCANCELLED24 November 2020Mumbai, India