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In 2012, the Executive Committee (ExCom) reviewed the OCIMF strategy, and initiated a membership consultation process to set the future course of OCIMF activity. In order to address requests for greater regional engagement, the ExCom, whilst also taking efficiency and member participation costs into account, decided to create Regional Panels and incorporate the existing Terminal Forums.

The existing working structure of the Regional Terminal Forums was established at a time when the membership was smaller, less geographically diverse and the core purpose of the organisation far narrower. Furthermore, it was also noted that over time, the Regional Terminal Forum agendas were being challenged to capture a full range of industry issues and discussions beyond their remit of terminal and tanker interface matters.

New 2017 - Regional Panels transition to Regional Marine Forums

As part of the 2020 OCIMF strategy review by ExCom, a membership survey was carried out in December 2015 on the effectiveness of the OCIMF Regional Panels. The survey feedback, along with participant feedback from all Regional Panel meetings held between 2013 to 2015 was reviewed by the secretariat and Regional Champions.  There were many positive aspects of the Regional Panel concept noted; however, the overall conclusion was that it had not delivered the primary purpose of being the platform for better regional engagement or increasing greater participation in OCIMF work activities.

Accordingly, a new format for regional engagement has been approved by ExCom and the following changes are being made to the OCIMF Regional Panels:

  • OCIMF Regional Panels will be renamed OCIMF Regional Marine Forums (RMFs) to reflect the change in format
  • The meetings will not be restricted to hub locations, and will be free to rotate within the region
  • The RMFs will not be connected to the Principle Committee location rotation
  • The number of regions has been increased to 5:
    • Europe and Africa
    • Middle East
    • Asia Pacific
    • North America
    • South and Central America
  • The format and frequency of the meetings will be flexible and left at the discretion of regional members, linked where possible to an industry event or a member hosted event. The goal is to increase participation of OCIMF members, terminal operators, vessel operators, and OSV operators

The Regional Marine Forums will be split into 2 sessions; a plenary session open to invited industry guests, and a closed door session for OCIMF members only.

More details will be published regarding the location and content of the Regional Marine Forums.  We look forward to seeing our membership and industry at these events.

Regional Marine Forum Dates

  • North America Regional Marine ForumCANCELLED24 March 2020New Orleans, USA
  • Europe and Africa Regional Marine ForumCANCELLED19 May 2020Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Asia Pacific Regional Marine ForumCANCELLED19 August 2020Jakarta, Indonesia
  • South and Central America Regional Marine ForumCANCELLED6 October 2020Cartagena, Colombia
  • Middle East Regional Marine ForumCANCELLED24 November 2020Mumbai, India