OCIMF Inspector Training and Accreditation Manager

Based in Central London

OCIMF is currently recruiting for an Inspector Training and Accreditation Manager.  This is a rare and exciting opportunity to join the employed staff of OCIMF.  Click here for an organisation chart showing how the Secretariat is structured.

OCIMF Ship Inspection Reports (SIRE) and Offshore Vessels Inspection Database (OVID) are inspection tools providing large databases of information about vessels.  These web-based programmes are relied upon industry-wide to provide vessel quality data enabling the selection of safe and environmentally responsible vessels. The high professional quality and integrity of the inspectors and inspection process is crucial to maintaining confidence in SIRE and OVID.

In this job you would have responsibility for this critical activity, including ensuring the ongoing educational improvement, effectiveness and ethical integrity of the inspectors we accredit to conduct SIRE and OVID inspections.  You would develop course content, deliver training, devise exam papers, line manage two inspector application/course organiser administrators and regularly travel internationally to deliver training against a pre-planned annual course schedule.

Click here for a copy of the full job description, including details of the knowledge, skills and experience required for the job.  We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, please email Recruitment@OCIMF.org for details.

Click here for how to apply.

The interview dates previously published have been changed to 15th, 20th and 21st December 2017.


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