OCIMF Certificates of Accreditation are used globally as a means to identify OCIMF accredited inspectors boarding vessels and submitted photos should reflect both the inspector’s professional bearing and their current appearance.

Rules for inspector’s accreditation photos are set out below. If they are not met:

  • Inspector applications will be delayed.
  • Continued Inspector accreditation will be delayed.

The rules will apply to all new inspectors and to existing inspectors when they are updating or refreshing their accreditation. ALL SIRE and OVID accreditation photos will adhere to the rules set out below.

Choosing the photo to submit


  • tick icon Have someone else take your picture
  • tick icon Use a plain light coloured background (e.g. a wall)
  • tick icon Choose a photo less than 6 months’ old
  • tick icon Choose a photo that looks like you

Do not

  • cross icon Submit a selfie
  • cross icon Have anything else in the background
  • cross icon Submit a photo used on the previous ID card
  • cross icon Submit a photo with red eye

The photo should be a close-up of the full head and upper shoulders

The subject must

  • tick icon Face forward and look straight at the camera
  • tick icon Have a neutral expression and closed mouth
  • tick icon Be free from reflection or glare from glasses
  • tick icon Have their eyes open and visible
  • tick icon Have both ears visible

The subject must not

  • cross icon Have hair covering eyes or eyebrows
  • cross icon Be in shadow or have a shadow behind
  • cross icon Wear dark or tinted glasses
  • cross icon Wear a head covering* (except for religious or medical reasons)

* If in doubt email the OCIMF Compliance Manager (SIRE & OVID).

Photo quality

The image must be

  • tick icon In colour
  • tick icon Clear and in focus
  • tick icon High resolution (see note below)
  • tick icon Provided as a JPEG, PNG, Bitmap or GIF

The image must not

  • cross icon Have a border
  • cross icon Contain other people
  • cross icon Be creased or torn
  • cross icon Be altered (except for red eye correction)

All photos taken on a digital camera should be of high enough resolution for this purpose. When saving your image choose ‘actual size’, ‘high resolution’ or ‘print quality’.

In technical terms the image should be:

  • Scalable to dimensions of 35mmx45mm with at least 640x480 pixels
    • OR minimum 300 ppi scan quality
    • OR minimum 300 dpi print quality
  • Less than 1MB file size
Guidelines For OCIMF Certificates Of Accreditation Photos Appendix 10