BPQ desktop editor v5.0.12 update now available

Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where cloning a vessel didn't copy across the vessel name or vessel id
  • Fixed an issue where document detials did not update if a user had navigated the vessel name in the questionaire
  • Corrected row index allocation issue in
  • Added functionality to add grid row GUIDs on import
  • Removed the ability to add + in decimal inputs
  • Changed when event on which the decimal validator fires
  • Improved decimal input validation
  • Added some error handling around variants on document creation
  • renamed diagrams to something more meaningful
  • Added functionality to add editor help images to a question
  • Added functionality to check and convert Yes/No responses on import
  • Fixed an issue where clicking import and then clicking cancel leaves the editor stuck in busy mode
  • Made PDF table control render text in blue
  • added functionality to clone a vessels data
  • Added source property to document export
  • Updated control label vertical alignment
  • Added ability to clear a standard controls response