I am a SIRE (Cat 1 and/or Cat 3) inspector….

Why have OCIMF taken the decision to cancel all courses?

The outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in PRC is impacting travel both, within Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and internationally. Many countries are providing their citizens with health and travel advice reflecting that available from the WHO.

As the situation continues to develop that advice has changed with several governments issuing advice ranging from suspending all travel to enforcing a quarantine period on those travellers who may have visited affected areas.

This has added a further layer of complexity to the management of Inspector courses and audits. OCIMF has therefore decided to suspend all SIRE (Cat-1 & Cat-3) audits, refresher courses and new-inspector courses for the year 2020.

How will this cancellation affect my SIRE accreditation?

OCIMF will provide extensions of a period of 12months to all inspectors whose accreditations are expiring in 2020. Please note that these extensions are temporary, and all accreditation cycles will be brought in line with original accreditation dates in the following year.

This extension will provide a relief on the requirement to take refresher courses and renewal audits for a period of 12 months.

Therefore, as an example, if an inspector were to have an accreditation expiry date of 31 October 2020, they will find their accreditation expiry date extended by 12 months to 31 October 2021. When the inspector takes their audit and gets reaccredited, they will have their accreditation renewal date reinstated to 31 October 2023.

When will I be able to register for a SIRE Refresher or a New-Inspector course?

OCIMF has suspended all SIRE (Cat-1 & Cat-3) audits, refresher courses and new-inspector courses for the year 2020.

OCIMF will review the situation at the end of June 2020 to assess whether inspector courses and audits can be reinstated.

Further advisories will be issued by OCIMF following this assessment.

Can I still apply to be a SIRE Inspector?

Yes. You can continue to make applications as normal.

You will need to liaise with a Submitting member who will have the ability to send you an invitation to apply to upload the documents required for making an application and submit these to be processed.

OCIMF will only process applications and allocate courses after a decision to reinstate SIRE courses has been confirmed and announced.

I did not pass my exam(s) and wish to take a resit – is this possible?

OCIMF will not facilitate any arrangements for existing inspectors and new candidates to retake SIRE examinations during 2020.

OCIMF will review this situation at the end of June 2020.

Can I arrange accompanied inspections?

You must liaise with your nominating/sponsoring member to arrange accompanied inspections.

I am a new-inspector candidate who has attended a course and passed the exams, but I have not yet taken the audited inspection – can I continue the process to gain accreditation?

All Inspector Audits (Accreditation and renewal audits, including any retakes) are suspended. OCIMF will review this situation at the end of June 2020

Please do not make any arrangements for audits or audited inspections with immediate effect. If there are any audits that have already been planned with arrangements for travel made, then you must contact OCIMF immediately to seek clarification.

When should I contact my allocated auditor, and will they remain the same?

All Inspector Audits (Accreditation and renewal audits, including any retakes) are suspended.

As this situation is continuously changing, OCIMF will review auditor allocations in due course and you will receive a notification when your auditor is reallocated, and it is determined that arrangements for audits can be made.

I have paid my last audit-fee contribution in 2020 but my audit will not now take place in 2021. Will I need to pay again in 2021?

The original payment schedule will remain unaffected.

Will I receive new documents to cover the extension period?

OCIMF will send a new ID card with your revised accreditation expiry date.

You should contact idcards@ocimf.org if you have not received your documents within 2 weeks of your revised accreditation expiry date.

New Certificates will not be sent. Once you have completed your next audit and your original accreditation date is reinstated a new id card and certificate will be sent at that time.

Please read this in consideration of the recent announcement bulletin.