Vessel Inspection Questionnaire 2014 Rev 1.2
Vessel Inspection Questionnaires for Oil Tankers, Combination Carriers, Shuttle Tankers, Chemical Tankers and Gas Tankers (VIQ 6). 2014 Edition Rev 1.2
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SIRE Factsheet 2015
The SIRE database has 8,290 ships and 20,002 reports and 345 registered Recipient Members. Each tanker report was downloaded 6.29 times in 2015 therefore reducing the inspection levels of vessels.
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Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) programme
The SIRE programme is a unique tanker and barge risk assessment tool used by charterers, terminal operators and government bodies to assist in the assurance of vessel safety. First launched in 1993 to provide a standardised inspection format, with objective reports capable of being shared, it has now gained industry-wide acceptance as a benchmark for vessel inspections and standards. Today, SIRE inspections take place from the Pacific Islands to Rotterdam, from San Francisco to Melbourne and are widely recognised as an invaluable tool for raising ship safety standards.
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