The programme of SIRE Inspector Accreditation courses aims to train Applicants to conduct vessel inspections and write inspection reports on behalf of OCIMF Submitting Companies who submit these reports into the SIRE database.

The SIRE Inspector Accreditation programme is organised and managed by OCIMF; however, all Applicants must be nominated by a SIRE Submitting Company in order to gain a place on a course.

A list of OCIMF Submitting Companies can be found on the OCIMF website at

Please read the SIRE Inspector Accreditation Guidelines. For more information including information on the costs of courses (fees). This document also provides details of eligibility criteria (qualifications and experience) that are required to be fulfilled before attending a course.

The training courses have been scheduled considering the potential impact of COVID-19 and the training of Inspectors for SIRE 2.0 (/media/170641/SIRE-20-Overview.pdf).

All New Inspector courses and Refresher Courses in 2021 will be delivered using a blended approach of online learning and instructor-led training sessions. All instructor-led sessions will be delivered via an online platform.

OCIMF will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 and depending on the circumstances, may choose to cancel, suspend, or reschedule the training courses.

Current inspectors should check the SIRE Inspector website Resources area for Refresher Course availability.

Submitting Companies that are nominating Applicants will be able to select a suitable course during the application process.

2021 SIRE (CAT1) New Inspector Courses

Please note that all Applicants to become new CAT1 Inspectors must provide an ECDIS course certificate at the time of registration.

CAT 1: A limited number of SIRE CAT-1 New Inspector courses will be conducted in 2021. OCIMF will prioritise applicants who fall under one of the following groups:

  • Group 1: Applicants who have commenced their accreditation process in 2019 and need to attend a New Inspector training course to gain their accreditation.
  • Group 2: Applicants who have been nominated by Submitting Companies to prevent or mitigate the risk of reduced availability or capacity of Inspectors in a geographical area/region.

Routine training courses for SIRE Cat-1 New Inspectors will resume in 2022 under the SIRE 2.0 Programme.

CAT 3: SIRE Cat-3 New Inspector training courses will be scheduled for 2021 where applicants have been nominated by Submitting Companies.

12-16 Apr 2021 Asia SIRE CAT-1 New Inspector course
17-21 May 2021 USA SIRE CAT-1 New Inspector course
24-28 May 2021 London SIRE CAT-1 New Inspector course

On-line Registration for SIRE CAT1 & CAT3 courses

Submitting Companies nominating Applicants will do so on the SIRE programme and send a link to their nominated Applicant which will allow the Applicant to register and provide evidence demonstrating their eligibility as per the Accreditation Guidelines.

The Submitting Company that has nominated the Applicant will then review and approve all supporting documents before these are provided to OCIMF for a final review and confirmation.

Detailed Instructions on how to nominate/invite a candidate to apply are available to member’s in their resources area within the SIRE programme.


Observer places on Accreditation Courses are granted on a case-by-case basis.

Please ensure candidates are registered as soon as possible to enable OCIMF to determine if a course will take place. As arrangements for course venues, visa applications, accommodation and travel take time, viability of courses will be reviewed 3 months prior to the planned date.

Registration for New Inspector Courses will close 3 weeks before the date of the scheduled course or once the course becomes full, whichever is earlier.

An Applicant’s place on a New Inspector Course is confirmed only when they have been provided with the details of the venue for the course and a confirmation from OCIMF that all pre-course requirements have been successfully completed.

2021 SIRE (CAT 1) Refresher and ECDIS courses

OCIMF requires all inspectors to complete a one-day OCIMF ECDIS training course. This course trains inspectors on how to effectively assess an officer’s proficiency with and knowledge of the ECDIS system onboard.

These courses are run in conjunction with Refresher courses.

5-9 Jul 2021 Refresher London
12-16 Jul 2021 Refresher London
19 Jul 2021 ECDIS London
23-27 Aug 2021 Refresher Asia
13-17 Sept 2021 Refresher USA
20-24 Sept 2021 Refresher London
27 Sep - 1 Oct 2021 Refresher London
18-22 Oct 2021 Refresher Japan
8-12 Nov 2021 Refresher USA
29 Nov - 3 Dec 2021 Refresher Asia
6-10 Dec 2021 Refresher Asia
13 Dec 2021 ECDIS Asia

2021 SIRE (CAT3 for North America Region) Refresher Courses

15-19 Nov 2021 USA

There is no charge for inspectors to attend a SIRE Refresher/ECDIS course but costs associated with travel to and from the course, the inspector’s time, accommodation and additional meals are for their own account

NOTE: All courses will only run if there are sufficient attendees.

Please note that course dates are subject to change/cancellation.

In the event of cancellation of courses OCIMF will make every effort to accommodate confirmed candidates on another course. Travel and accommodation expenses will be the responsibility of the candidate or, where agreed, the Submitting Company that is nominating the Applicant.

OCIMF does not accept liability, obligation or responsibility for any loss incurred.

Please contact to reserve a place or for any further questions.