The aim of the SIRE Inspector Accreditation course is to train candidates to conduct inspections and compile inspection reports on behalf of the OCIMF member who submits reports into the SIRE database. 

The SIRE inspector accreditation programme is organised by OCIMF, however Inspectors must gain sponsorship from one of the SIRE submitting members before applying for a place. It is not OCIMF's policy to supply contact details but a list of OCIMF members can be found on the OCIMF website

Course fees are the responsibility of the applicant unless the sponsor agrees to pay. Upon successful completion of the accreditation process the Inspector will be able to conduct inspections on behalf of the sponsoring member.

For more information, please view the SIRE Inspector Accreditation Guidelines. This document details all the necessary qualifications and experience that are required for applicants to attend a course.

The current 2018/2019 course venues and dates are listed below. If you meet all of the required qualifications and experience you sponsor will be able to send you an invitaion to register to attend a course. Your sponsor will review your supporting documents before submitting to OCIMF for a final review.

15 - 19 October 2018 Singapore (CLOSED)
3 - 7 December 2018
11-15 February 2019 Singapore
29 April - 3 May 2019 London
3-7 June 2019 Houston
14-18 October 2019 Singapore
25-29 November 2019 London

CAT3 North America and South America courses dates for 2019 will be announced later in the year. Registration will be possible once the dates are confirmed.

On-line Registration has now been introduced for CAT1 & CAT3 courses.
Sponsoring submitting members will send a link for applicants to register and approve all supporting documents prior to submitting candidates to OCIMF. Instructions on how to do this have been sent but if you require further copies of the instruction manual please contact

Please ensure you register your candidates as soon as possible to enable OCIMF to determine if a course will take place. As course venues, visa applications, accommodation and travel arrangements of both attendees and instructors are to be taken into consideration, courses will be reviewed 3 months prior to the planned date. New Inspector Course registration will close 3 weeks prior to the planned date. A course place is not to be presumed confirmed until the venue details of the course have been sent to the candidate upon review of the pre-requisite requirements being completed.

Please note that all New Inspector candidates must now hold and submit an ECDIS course certificate at the time of application.  The course must be classroom based; this does not need to be the IMO model course.

From 2017 we require those Inspectors who had taken ECDIS classroom based training independently to attend a one day OCIMF ECDIS training day. (Any CAT1 inspector who did not attend a full OCIMF ECDIS accreditation course prior to 2017). This is not an operational course but will focus on training inspectors how to effectively question an officer to determine his knowledge of the ECDIS system. These courses will run in conjunction with Refresher courses if availability allows.

As advised previously occasional courses will now only take place in areas that can justify full attendance to ensure viability.

18-19 February 2019 Refresher Singapore
20 February 2019
ECDIS Singapore (CLOSED with reserve list open)
7-8 May 2019 Refresher London
10-11 June 2019 Refresher Houstonh
21-22 October 2019 Refresher Singapore
12-13 November 2019 Refresher London

There is no charge for inspectors to attend a SIRE Refresher/ECDIS course but costs associated with travel to and from the course, the inspector’s time, accommodation and additional meals are for their own account.
To reserve a place please contact

Please note that course dates are sometimes subject to change/cancellation dependant on candidate requirement/circumstances outside of our control. Should you be approved to attend a SIRE New Inspector course OCIMF would make every effort to accomodate you on another available course should this be the case. Travel and accomodation expenses will be the responsibility of the candidate or, if previously agreed, you sponsor. OCIMF will not accept liability, obligation or responsibility for any loss incurred.

If you have any further questions please contact