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"I’d like to offer special thanks to the INTERTANKO Chairman and both Executive Committees for the productive conversation."

Director's Log 

Through joint initiatives with industry stakeholders, OCIMF can address common concerns more effectively. Together we can leverage our combined influence to establish industry-wide best practices that enhance safety. This kind of collective work empowers all parties to cultivate and consider a broader perspective when tackling challenges and exploring new concepts.   

We engaged in such work in Dubai on 23 May 2023, when a joint meeting was held between the Executive Committees of OCIMF and INTERTANKO. This important face-to-face gathering brought the leaders together to discuss common concerns, seek synergies and develop potential marine safety initiatives.   

I’d like to offer special thanks to the INTERTANKO Chairman and both Executive Committees for the productive conversation. The meeting clearly highlighted the instrumental role that leadership plays in maintaining a healthy relationship between our organisations, and the pivotal role of collaboration in advancing marine safety.

Effective collaboration is, of course, equally important within our organisation. With that in mind, OCIMF Secretariat members took part in a team-building exercise that involved sailing a tall ship out of Portsmouth Harbour. You can read more about the day below.  

Finally, to mark the Day of the Seafarer 2023 (25 June), this month’s newsletter pays tribute to SIRE inspectors who have passed away.  

Wishing you a safe and productive month ahead, 

Karen Davis

Director OCIMF

Executive Committee members from OCIMF and INTERTANKO met jointly in Dubai on 23 May, in their first full face-to-face gathering since 2017. 

Some of the participants at the Ship to Ship Regional Forum in London on 20 June.

Ship-to-Ship Regional Forum

OCIMF was invited to attend the Ship-to-Ship (STS) Regional Forum for Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), hosted at INTERTANKO’s London office on 20 June. 

The meeting was attended by some of OCIMF’s Europe-based members, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the Nautical Institute and UK-based STS service providers.  Open discussions took place on STS operational matters, notably on the transfer of personnel by basket versus pilot ladder. Participants also shared incidents and learnings.OCIMF Nautical Adviser Kevin Coelho explained OCIMF’s organisational structure, highlighted current areas of work and gave an update on the STS Expert Group. He noted that the revision of the Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases is getting underway this year, and that ongoing engagement with this forum will be very welcome towards this work.The collaborative spirit of the forum and the proactive work done by the members to continually improve safety in STS operations was recognised.For enquiries, contact Kevin Coelho, OCIMF Nautical Adviser Kevin.Coelho@ocimf.org.

OCIMF begins revision of the Ship to Ship Transfer Guide  

OCIMF and its co-authors ICS, CDI and SIGTTO have embarked on a project to update the Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases (first edition, 2013).

A project plan has been developed to guide the work of revising this key publication over the course of the next 12 to 18 months. OCIMF and its co-authors invite relevant industry stakeholders to support the development of this second edition.   

With a tight timeline envisaged, the aim is to start detailed work by the end of June.   

For more information, please contact Kevin Coelho, OCIMF Nautical Adviser, Kevin.Coelho@ocimf.org.  

OCIMF Secretariat staff spent an exhilarating day aboard the S. V. Tenacious, the only tall ship designed and built to be sailed by a truly mixed ability crew, including people with a wide variety of impairments and health conditions. The trip, out of Portsmouth Harbour on 2 June, was run by the Jubilee Sailing Trust, a charity that seeks to provide opportunities through inclusion and exploration at sea. Learn more about the Jubilee Sailing Trust here.

OCIMF Barge Adviser Ton Mol speaks at the IVR Congress in Amsterdam

OCIMF speaks at IVR Congress in Amsterdam  

The IVR Congress 2023, themed ‘changing landscapes’, took place in Amsterdam from 24–26 May.  

IVR is the International Association for the representation of the mutual interests of inland shipping and insurance and for keeping the register of inland vessels in Europe.  

OCIMF Barge Adviser Ton Mol was asked to talk about barging on a global scale. He gave an overview of barging activities, operations and contact with industry stakeholders in the regions of South and Central America, North America, and Asia, especially India and China. 

For more information, contact Ton Mol, OCIMF Barge Adviser, ton.mol@ocimf.org

Ton Mol (centre) with staff from Marathon Petroleum.

Barge engagement week in Nashville 

OCIMF’s Barge Adviser Ton Mol was in Nashville, where the Inland Marine Expo (IMX) trade show took place from 31 May–2 June.

Ton attended a meeting with operators, organised by the American Waterways Operators (AWO) and hosted by Ingram Barge Company, and visited barges and Marathon Petroleum terminals in the Nashville area.  

He also met with the regional members and took the opportunity to discuss the top five priority 1 risks in this region. The members planned work to start a revision of the Barge Inspection Questionnaire (BIQ) and Barge Particulars Questionnaire (BPQ) for North America, as well as the work for developing the Global Barge Guide. 

For more information, contact Ton Mol, OCIMF Barge Adviser, ton.mol@ocimf.org.

Offshore team visit facilities in Aberdeen

OCIMF P&A Director Saruabh Sachdeva and Offshore Adviser Graham Coles visited Aberdeen last month for engagement sessions with OCIMF members and offshore stakeholders.

On the first day they visited Harbour Energy’s long term platform supply vessel Aurora Power and during downtime between cargo operations, met with its crew and took a tour of the vessel (see photo of Saurabh with Chief Officer Mark Coyle). It was a great opportunity to understand daily operations experienced by vessels working in the offshore sector and to gather feedback on OCIMF processes and publications directly from the crew. Thanks to Alex Morton (Harbour Energy) and Captain Jamie Ewing and his crew for taking the time to facilitate OCIMF’s visit.

On the second day, Saurabh and Graham took part in the Marine Safety Forum All Members Meeting. This was a well-attended event and allowed OCIMF to engage with a number of European offshore stakeholders including members, vessel operators, regulators and equipment manufacturers.

For more information, please contact Saurabh Sachdeva, saurabh.sachdeva@ocimf.org or Graham Coles, graham.coles@ocimf.org.

Left to right: Kevin Coelho (OCIMF), Martin Shaw (IMarEST), Tony Jones (OCIMF), Branko Berlan (ITF), Saurabh Sachdeva (OCIMF) and Abhijit Aul

Human Element Industry Group sponsors coffee morning at the IMO 

OCIMF is a member of the Human Element Industry Group (HEIG), which pulls together industry bodies with IMO observer status to highlight the importance of the human element for safety.

HEIG sponsored a coffee morning at the IMO's Maritime Safety Committee 107, which met from 31 May to 9 June. The coffee morning was an opportunity for HEIG members to talk to delegates about the human element and enhance existing coordination and cooperation in engagement with maritime issues at the IMO.OCIMF is joined in HEIG by organisations including the Nautical Institute, IMarEST, InterManager, INTERCARGO, International Transport Workers' Federation, International Chamber of Shipping, International Federation of Shipmasters' Associations, BIMCO, International Marine Purchasing Association, Nautilus and International Association of Classification Societies.

For enquiries, contact Kevin Coelho, OCIMF Nautical Adviser Kevin.Coelho@ocimf.org.

OCIMF participates in international lessons learned workshop

In a recent international workshop, OCIMF joined 21 oil companies and terminal operators to share lessons from past operational experiences.

The event, hosted in Lima, Peru, was organised by the Society of Marine Oil Terminals and Monobuoy Operators (SLOM), an important partner of OCIMF.Spanning two days, 15-16 June, this event catered exclusively to professionals from oil companies and terminal operators, including many OCIMF member companies. The aim was to discuss past incidents and draw valuable lessons for future operations. OCIMF, SLOM and the Oil Spill Response were present to support the discussions. A presentation given by OCIMF included a discussion of Shaft/Engine Power Limitations to the Ship/Shore interface.For further details or enquiries, contact Filipe Santana, OCIMF Engineering Adviser, filipe.santana@ocimf.org.

Tablet Comfort Guide now available

Continuing our series of Strengthening SIRE factsheets, OCIMF has produced a Tablet Comfort Guide with useful tips on how best to use the new tablets during SIRE 2.0 inspections.

Based on an ergonomist's assessment of the tablet, the four-page factsheet provides dos and don'ts to maximise comfort and avoid injury.The Tablet Comfort Guide, along with the other SIRE 2.0 factsheets, is now available to download from SIRE 2.0 (ocimf.org).

Remembering lost colleagues on the Day of the Seafarer

OCIMF would like to pay tribute to David Bousfield, a seafarer and SIRE inspector who passed away earlier this year. David (pictured below) worked on Stolt chemical tankers and was later integral to setting the standards for independent inspector groups as the head of Isomar, latterly Isovet, and most recently Capital Marine. He became an accredited SIRE inspector in 2000 and continued in that role until 2015.

Fellow SIRE inspector William Austin said, “David has left a lasting legacy in what he and his associates achieved through their work and influence, improving the standards of Marine Risk Management on a global basis. This influence during the early days of SIRE and Terminal Safety cannot be underestimated; his family should be rightfully proud of the lives that will have been saved, and the accidents that will have been avoided over these many years and going forward.”OCIMF also recently heard of the passing of SIRE inspector Jack Aalen, around two years ago. To David and Jack we dedicate Tennyson's seafaring poem, Crossing the Bar. 

Crossing the Bar

By Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Sunset and evening star,And one clear call for me!And may there be no moaning of the bar,When I put out to sea,

But such a tide as moving seems asleep,Too full for sound and foam,When that which drew from out the boundless deepTurns again home.

Twilight and evening bell,And after that the dark!And may there be no sadness of farewell,When I embark;

For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and PlaceThe flood may bear me far,I hope to see my Pilot face to faceWhen I have cross’d the bar.

Meeting reports 

Maritime Security Committee 

7th meeting: 15 June Chair: Jose Parejo (CEPSA) Secretary: Russell Pegg (OCIMF Security Adviser) 

The MSC held its second meeting of the year on 15 June. Against a backdrop of pressing regional operational concerns, especially in the Middle East, the committee focused on the following: 

  • Finalising an information paper on Loitering Munitions. 
  • Modular documentation and plans to update Best Management Practices. 
  • Discussing mass casualty rescue plans. 
  • Maritime security and human rights. 

The next committee meeting will be held virtually on 7 September. If any members would like to be involved in this committee or observe a meeting, please contact the Security Adviser, Russell Pegg russell.pegg@ocimf.org.

Engineering Expert Group 

9th meeting: 7 June 2023 (virtual) Lead: Ahmer Saeed (Shell) Secretary: Filipe Santana (OCIMF Engineering Adviser) 

Active discussions and updates on ongoing projects and planning of future actions marked the 9th Engineering Expert Group (EEG) meeting. 

Publications: In collaboration with the Environment Committee, the EEG is actively developing guides on risks associated with shaft/engine power limitations and using onshore power supply for tankers. Other work includes the review of the Guide for Implementation of Sulphur Oxide Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems and the development of a publication on best practices to prevent fires in the engine room. 

Advocacy: The meeting also featured a key discussion on the IMO correspondence group on the safety of alternative fuels. The EEG is currently leading OCIMF’s contribution to this workstream to develop interim guidelines for ships using hydrogen, ammonia, or oil fuels with a flashpoint between 52oC and 60oC. 

Members collaboration: The EEG planned to engage with the Human Factors Committee to investigate the possibility of enhancing human skills to respond to abnormal events and ways of raising awareness of distractions from digital technologies onboard a vessel. 

For enquiries, contact Filipe Santana, OCIMF Engineering Adviser, filipe.santana@ocimf.org

IMO news

The 107th session of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 107) was held at the IMO headquarters in London from 31 May to 9 June 2023. The meeting was conducted in hybrid-mode, with facilities for registered delegates dialling-in remotely.  

The following highlights topics of relevance to OCIMF and its members, which were discussed or agreed during MSC 107. 

Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) 

  • Further development of draft non-mandatory MASS Code and roadmap with a view to adoption by 2024. 

Matters relating to safe use of fuels 

  • Fuel oil sampling safety: new draft MSC-MEPC Circular on fuel oil sampling. 
  • Safe delivery of IMO’s decarbonisation strategy: OCIMF to participate in correspondence group.
  • New guidelines on Onshore Power System and LPG Fuels. 

Proposed adoption of amendments to Statutory Conventions and Codes  

  • STCW Convention and Code: Approval of amendments to STCW Code on bullying, sexual assault and sexual harassment. Adoption of amendments in recognition of seafarers’ e-certificates. 
  • SOLAS II-1 amendments for onboard lifting appliances and anchor handling winches and related new guidance. 
  • Life-saving Appliances Code: Adoption of ventilation requirements of fully enclosed survival craft. 
  • SOLAS II-2: Ban on perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS) for fire-fighting systems. 
  • Ban of asbestos on Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. 

Maritime security 

  • General updates on maritime security and piracy. 

General matters 

  • Agreed new work outputs include software maintenance for navigation and communication equipment; time pressure and organisational factors. 
  • Navigational safety: Planned discontinuation of paper charts, proposed protective measures for particularly sensitive sea areas (PSSAs). 
  • Proposal to postpone the installation deadline for new GMDSS equipment.  

For any enquires contact Abhijit Aul, OCIMF Risk and Regulatory Affairs Adviser, abhijit.aul@ocimf.org.