Users of the CDI Marine Scheme and SIRE Systems are advised that although the transition from the 4th edition “Harmonised Vessel Particulars Questionnaire” (HVPQ4) to HVPQ 5th Edition remains good, a significant number of ship owners have not yet submitted an HVPQ 5 into either database.

Consequently, following a coordinated evaluation, both CDI and SIRE have agreed to extend the closure of the transition period deadline to the 31st December 2014.

After this date, submissions of HVPQ4 will no longer be possible into either the CDI and/or SIRE databases.

CDI Guidance

Ship Operators are reminded that they remain able to import the HVPQ5 from the CDI ISIS-XI system into the new CDI Ship Operator HVPQ5 client software. The CDI Ship Operator client software will continue to offer the functionality to export the HVPQ5 into the common XML format. This process will continue to work both ways such that a HVPQ5 can be exported in XML format from the OCIMF system and imported into the CDI ISIS-XI system (via the CDI Ship Operator HVPQ5 client software), enabling the Ship Operator to maintain his HVPQ5 on both systems with ease.

Enquiries for CDI

SIRE Guidance

Ship Operators are requested to use the SIRE website to upgrade their existing HVPQ4 document to the new HVPQ5 format ahead of the deadline. It is not possible to import an HVPQ4 document into the new HVPQ5 editor, the document must be upgraded through the SIRE website. Once upgraded, a ship operator can either download the HVPQ5 document for use offline in the SIRE HVPQ5 editor or complete it online within the SIRE website.

The OCIMF SIRE HVPQ5 desktop editor has the ability to export the HVPQ5 into the common XML format which can be used with the CDI client software. Once an HVPQ5 document has been submitted to the SIRE website the ship operator can continue to edit its contents using the online editor within the SIRE system or publish.

Enquiries for OCIMF

If you have any questions please contact me on the above e-mail. If you have over 20 vessels and would like help to ‘bulk convert’ HVPQs please let me know as we can do this for you.


Geoffrey Snow
OCIMF Programme Manager