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Director's Log

The SIRE programme has been hugely successful in its 24 years of operation, an anniversary that we passed just a few days ago.

SIRE has been a significant factor in the improvement of the tanker sector safety and environmental performance that has made tankers the best performing of the shipping sectors. Initially set up to reduce the number of charterer’s inspections, SIRE filled the gap between regulation and operation using the combined knowledge of many oil companies to establish expectations of good tanker practice. This year some 8,800 tankers will have been inspected by an OCIMF accredited ship inspector resulting in 22,000 reports being submitted into the SIRE database which will have been downloaded by prospective charterers 160,000 times. SIRE has been a phenomenal success for both charterer and ship operator alike.

Barging presents unique challenges due to vessel size and regional regulation. Nevertheless, barges are a hugely important link in the energy transportation logistics chain that must be operated safely without risk to the environment. OCIMF has been progressively addressing regional barge standards through regional Barge Inspection Questionnaires. At the recent OCIMF Executive Committee (ExCom) meeting, a new barge strategy was adopted. It will address global barge standards and be driven by the Global Inland and Coastal Barging Focus Group reporting to the General Purposes Committee.

Stay safe,

Andrew Cassels

Director OCIMF

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OCIMF welcomes two new members

Borealis AG
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

The Executive Committee met on 8 November in Singapore. Pictured from left to right: Waddah Ghanem (ENOC), Keizo Atsumi (PIMA), Mark Ross (Chevron), Tracey Gunnlaugsson (ExxonMobil), John DeRose (Phillips66), Luc Gillet (Total), Philip Pascoe (OCIMF), Grahaeme Henderson (Shell), Susan Dio (BP), Andrew Cassels (OCIMF), Karen Davis (ConocoPhillips), Carol Howle (BP) and Kjetil Johnsen (Statoil).

OCIMF at the Tripartite Shipbuilding Forum

Director Andrew Cassels and Technical Adviser (Engineering) Joe Megeed represented OCIMF at the Tripartite Shipbuilding Forum in Nantong, China.

This annual event brings together shipping industry associations, shipowners, shipyards and Classification Societies to discuss contemporary issues related to design, construction and operation of new and future ships.

Carbon emissions, safety and cyber security were at the top of the agenda. The delegates agreed that the industry needs to design ships differently and be more technologically innovative to reach world climate goals and counter cyber security risks.

The next Tripartite meeting will be in the Republic of Korea in autumn 2018.

OCIMF and Oceans Beyond Piracy co-sponsored Weapons on Vessels? States, Private Security and Responsibility for Responding to Maritime Threats at Chatham House on 17 November. Speakers included Jon Huggins (Oceans Beyond Piracy) and Dr Alex Vines, OBE (Head, Africa Programme, Chatham House) and (pictured from left to right) Dr Ioannis Chapsos (Coventry University), Stephen Askins (Tatham McInnes), HE Yackoley Kokou Johnson (Permanent Representative of Togo to the UN), Dr Eva Pejsova (European Union Institute for Security Studies), Karsten Von Hoesslin (National Geographic Series) and Conrad Thorpe (Salama Fakira).

The Guide to Manufacturing and Purchasing Hoses for Offshore Moorings Working Group (GMPHOMWG) met on 7 November to discuss revisions to the publication.

The North America Inland and Coastal Barging Focus Group. From left to right: Lanny Masson (Marathon), Thomas Nadeau (ExxonMobil), John Dees (Shell), Joe Francis (Valero), Patrick McGroggan Secretary (OCIMF), Rakesh Bajaj (Marathon), Ruchir Seth (Tesoro), Ivan Link (Atlantic Trading and Marketing), Ashlee Gatusso (TESORO), Kenneth Romney (BP), Rajeev Saini (Chevron) and Shawn Roberts (Martin Midstream Partners).

North America Inland and Coastal Barging Focus Group

The meeting was hosted by Valero in San Antonio, USA on 27–28 September.

This was the 12th meeting of the North America Inland and Coastal Barging Focus Group (NAICBFG) and was attended by 14 representatives from member companies. The group confirmed the new group Chair, Rajeev Sani (Chevron), and two co-Chairs Rakesh Bajaj (Marathon) and Kenneth Romney (BP).

The group reviewed:

  • SIRE inspection statistics.
  • Planned updates to the Barge Inspection Questionnaire (BIQ) and Barge Particulars Questionnaire (BPQ).
  • CAT3 training and plans to update the regional training and accreditation guidelines.
  • A gap analysis of SIRE and the International Safety Guide for Inland Navigation Tank-barges and Terminals (ISGINTT) to make sure they align with USCG Subchapter M regulations.

Plans were put in place to review the group terms of reference. Members also discussed wider matters involving North American barge inspections and operational safety.

The next meeting will be held 6–7 March 2018 in Houston, USA hosted by Total.

The South and Central America Inland and Coastal Barging Focus Group. From left to right: Jorge Fernandez (Repsol), Javier Chaves (Pluspetrol), Cesar Zegarda (Petro Peru), Ramon Pinedo Ramirez (Petro Peru), Fernando Huarcaya (Petro Peru), Alfeu Alcantara (Shell), Elias Honsami (Petrobras), Juan Faggioli (Axion), Francisco Lago (Pampa Energía S.A.), Patrick McGroggan (OCIMF), Alejandro Burcheri Voet (YPF), Jorge Palomino (Repsol), Ricardo Araujo Ramos (BRASKEM) and Guillermo Campos (Petro Peru).

South and Central America Inland and Coastal Barging Focus Group

The meeting was hosted by Repsol in Lima, Peru on 2–3 November.

This was the eighth meeting of the South and Central America Inland and Coastal Barging Focus Group (SCAICBFG) and was attended by 12 representatives from member companies. The group confirmed the new group Chair, Jorge Fernandez (Repsol), and the Vice Chair Juan M. Faggioli (AXION). Plans are in place to add another co-Vice Chair to improve continuity of group leadership. Members are invited to submit nominations by 1 April 2018.

The group reviewed:

  • SIRE statistics and data mining functions.
  • Conversion to the new regional BIQ and BPQ.
  • A proposal to create a CAT3 inspector annual subscription/auditor payment process.
  • A closed loading white paper.
  • Plans to develop improved regional inspector training.
  • The idea of creating a user group meeting before the twice-yearly group meetings to engage with regional industry.
  • The group terms of reference.

Members also discussed wider matters involving South and Central American barge inspections and operational safety.

The ninth meeting will be held 15–16 May 2018 in Paraguay and will be hosted by AXION.

The Vessel Inspection Programme Steering Group (VIPSG) held their first meeting on 22–23 November at the OCIMF office in London, UK.

OVID accreditation - reminder

If your OVID accreditation has expired or is about to expire, you must attend a Refresher course at the first opportunity.

If your accreditation has lapsed by more than three years then you will be required to attend a New Inspector course. Our 2018 courses can be found on the OVID website:

To enrol on a course, or if you have any queries, please contact

SIRE New Inspector courses 2018

Submitting member sponsors are reminded to submit online applications to OCIMF as early as possible.

Venues are booked three months before the planned course date and courses may be cancelled if numbers are low. Register early to avoid disappointment.

30 April–4 May London, UK REVISED DATE
4–8 June Houston, USA  
15–19 October Singapore  
3–7 December London, UK  

SIRE Refresher and ECDIS courses

SIRE is offering the following refresher and ECDIS courses in 2018.

26–27 February Refresher Singapore  
28 February ECDIS Singapore  
14–15 May Refresher London, UK  
11–12 June Refresher Houston, USA  
13 June ECDIS Houston, USA  
22–23 October Refresher Singapore  
24 October ECDIS Singapore  
4–5 November Refresher United Arab Emirates  
6 November ECDIS United Arab Emirates  
13–14 November Refresher London, UK  
15 November ECDIS London, UK  


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